Keep it Real4Your Development

Over the past few months I’ve been spending a lot of time discussing, coaching, and observing business development – both within and outside of my organization. My mind has been on it consistently and I’ve been reminded of something I coached many sellers to do through the years.

Ask2Get Answers

Early on I was going to be a reporter – a television sports reporter, actually. I think someone told me I had a face for radio and, eventually, economics and life caused me to shift from journalism to capitalism. In the TV business we used to say "the journalists and the capitalists never cross paths", but I think I kept at least one habit from my days as a reporter.


At a recent meeting, I was both listening and minding my own business when the word came drifting across the table. One of my favorite clients told a co-worker I was a “blob”.


Business, like life, moves in cycles.

After seven years of owning my own company, I was recently at a crossroads. Like Tom Hanks at the end of “Castaway”, I had to make a tough choice (one that ended up being pretty easy to make actually).

November 2015

Everyone Gets2Sell

When certain people hear the word salesperson, or seller, or account representative, they get kind of a yucky feeling or feel their stomach turn. Perhaps it’s because I spent most of my adult life observing, training, and coaching sellers, I have a general warmth or kindness for those in that profession.