Money is a great motivator.

Generally we can all agree on that concept and, as the holidays and the end-of-year bonus season approaches, it’s worth noting that most everyone is motivated by mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money. (That’s a 90’s comedy sketch reference for those not as old as I am.)

As important as a generous compensation package may be, there are other ways to encourage success and drive the results you most want to see in your organization. I’m not saying this will only work in sales departments, but I can tell you my background is in that world and I absolutely saw a pattern.

An E-Thought2Ponder

If you are a human being in a typical office work space, you're probably one who uses email. More likely than not, Yahoo, Gmail, or even AOL email rules your world. It’s as constant as the rising sun. It stands to reason that something so ever-present would have some rules.

Yet, based on the emails I see, it appears the sending and receiving of email communication is still a bit like the “wild, wild west.”

October 2015


Plans don’t work out and things happen when you least expect them.

As many of you know, not only do I handle marketing and advertising at B2C Enterprises, I also work as a career firefighter/engineer in Chattanooga, Tennessee. One of the things we do is plan for emergency incidents before they happen, or, in firefighter shorthand, pre-plan.

September 2015


With about as much frequency as “How’s it going today?” I am asked “How’s business?”

May 2015

Take Time2Enjoy the Days

"Don't wish away your summer."

That's what my Mom would tell me as a middle schooler when in early June I'd start talking about our annual family beach trip that wasn't until late August.