I spend a lot of time on highways watching the mile markers fly by. As I’ve written before, being on the road gives me an opportunity to really think and process. One of my more recent trips reminded me how timing and order play an important role in not only our personal lives but our business lives.

November 2014


How will you use your marketing budget this coming year?

Recently, I've run into a particularly large number of businesses who are trying to do this on their own. TV? Digital? Radio? Newspapers? Magazines? Direct Mail?

August 2014


When did advertising become a naughty word?

Most of us skip ads on TV, complain about them in the newspaper, fuss about them on billboards while driving down the highway, change channels when they come on the radio, and get irritated when they pop up on a favorite web site. That isn't even to mention the ones that are displayed in magazines, pulled behind airplanes at football games (starting this weekend), shown on the stalls at the neighborhood restaurant bathrooms, and we're just getting started.

People hate ads.

That's why it's so fun to be in advertising. It's a competition. A game.

Ben Stiller as White Goodman in Dodgeball A True Underdog Story

March 2014

Um, You May Want2Tell Someone

Recently a friend invited me to a very interesting wine dinner. I'd never been to one before and didn't really know what to expect until I got there. Basically, the winemaker explains the process of how they create the different flavors in each wine. During the meal, he and chef at the restaurant pair a specific wine designed to bring out the best flavors with each course.

Five amazing food courses.
Five delicious wines to taste.

The group was seated at a long table and I happened to be seated near the winemaker. Being naturally curious, I asked him where most of his wine could be purchased. He told me the breakdown of sales - a percentage is sold at restaurants, another through grocery stores around the country, and obviously a large amount is purchased at the winery itself. The owner of the restaurant then chimed in --- "We sell it here." She then pointed to the shelves in the back of the restaurant which were full of bottles of wine.

One of the guests perked up and said, "I didn't know you sold wine here." I thought it was a decoration myself.

Man ordering at fine dining restaurant

"I'll have the special and the potted Ficus I saw by the door to the kitchen."

December 2013

It's Time2Watch Some TV Commercials

In the almost five years that I've been writing these monthly newsletters, I've repeatedly expressed that the most valuable advertisement interrupts the consumer. Successfully designed ads pull attention to your product or service in a creative and memorable way. Once the attention of the viewer is secured, you then have the opportunity to engage, sell and educate.

For those of us in the creative advertising field, it is part of our job and our entertainment to observe messaging others create and determine its effectiveness. This fall I noted two commercials that work at interrupting and I wanted to share them both with you.