The insincere salesperson.

They’ve ruined the process for many. Certainly they’ve made a lot of work for those who genuinely do put their prospects' best interests first. Typically when a salesperson walks through the door, the potential client leans to the position of distrust. It may be unfortunate, but it’s generally the case.

Stretch2Grow Your Place

You get in and settle into your job and before you know it, the realization hits there are lots of other things that need to get done. If these tasks are ignored, a pattern can quickly develop where you concentrate solely on your assigned task and begin to ignore the ones that also need attention. A set of boundaries purposefully or incidentally begins to be built.

Time2Talk Hoops

It's basketball season and I love basketball – more than most anything. So it’s a good time to write about basketball. Fear not if you are no hoopster, this month’s Seed is actually about a whole lot more. Controversial NBA Star Kobe Bryant recently announced his retirement. He’s been playing for the same team for 20 years – that’s rare. He’s accomplished so much in his career. Many consider him one of the five greatest players of all time.

March 2015


There are so few things that unite us anymore. Attention is spread pretty thin and most people seem to have their own interests, passions, and activities.

In the workplace that often means competing agendas and different directions.

December 2014


It's been nearly nine years since my mother, Mary Sue Bryan, died.

I constantly think about the many things she taught me over the years. But most recently, one lesson in particular has come to the surface.