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With the internet and mobile device usage skyrocketing, digital advertising is a critical component of a comprehensive marketing plan. The Millennial generation is the most digitally connected population in the world, and according to the Press Institute, Millennials get 74% of their news from online sources. Additionally, Nielson estimates that the ROI (return on investment) of advertising dollars spent on digital advertising is 300%.

At B2C Digital, we offer full-service management of location-based, behaviorally targeted digital video and display advertising to increase brand awareness, drive engagement and grow your business. Based on your marketing goals and budget, we work with you to put together a customized plan that targets the best audience for your products and services.



GEOGRAPHIC AND DEMOGRAPHIC TARGETING: We use zip codes and traditional DMAs, even down to exact coordinates to determine a geographic target area, then we layer demographic information such as age, gender, household composition, and income to more precisely target your products and services to the users with whom you most want to connect.

GEOGRAPHIC FENCING: We identify the latitude / longitude coordinates of a user’s mobile device to deliver your ads around a targeted specific location.

SITE RETARGETING: Retargeting is performed when a user has already visited your website. It allows you to stay visible and engaged.

AD MONITORING: Once we have your targeted campaign up and running, we provide daily monitoring, evaluation, and ad optimization to get industry-leading results.

REPORTING: Digital marketing is measurable in a unique way that allows you to understand who is engaging with your ad and brand. We provide detailed monthly reports that reflect View Through Rates and/or Click Through Rates (as applicable) for all campaigns.

AD CREATION: We will work with you to create advertisements and messages that will get you noticed and build response and traffic. Our award-winning team will put our heads together to build digital display ads and / or video pre-roll that is just right for what your organization needs.