Another Interruption

July 20, 2013

July 2013

Pardon Me (again). I Want2Show You Something…

Last month I wrote about the power of interrupting when advertising.

This month I decided to show you an example of what I meant.

Two billboards – actually side by side. They are posted in Roanoke, Virginia where my business is located, but they just as easily could have been in your town or on a street near your office.

If you’re like most people your eye is drawn to the right. See what I mean?

There is a clear message – one that engages your brain and gets it going (I personally love the double meaning with creative billboard advertising). It is easy to read and you can generally catch the concept as you go by.

On the left is a confusing series of images, sponsors, copy and general confusion. Even the “all caps” font makes for slower interpretation. There’s too much information and a message that will take way too long to sink in.


It’s a great example of the power of interruption. You can actually see the difference. Perhaps as you review your next advertising sample or work with your creative team you will see this same snapshot and identify it with the power of simplicity.

Fight the urge to put everything you can into your ads – no matter the platform you use – and work hard to keep the messaging simple, provocative and direct. Once you’ve got their attention, you can find ways to market to them as potential customers, clients and patients.

You’ve heard it said and now you can apply the concept to your advertising. “Less is more.” You’ll quickly figure out that not only does Crime Pay, but so does streamlining your message.

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