Everyone Gets to Sell

November 20, 2015

November 2015

Everyone Gets2Sell

When certain people hear the word salesperson, or seller, or account representative, they get kind of a yucky feeling or feel their stomach turn. Perhaps it’s because I spent most of my adult life observing, training, and coaching sellers, I have a general warmth or kindness for those in that profession.

I have news for you, too.

You are most likely in that profession, or are in charge of people who are in it, or maybe represent a company that ultimately needs to sell. It’s simply a part of commerce. A big part.

A Little Help4You

If you’re going to be a part of the process or help others who are, you will need to know these three things at a minimum.

Lemonade Stand
Unless you are a cute child, then you can skip the rest.

  1. Without a “pain point” the typical human being is not going to change a habit, buy a new product (or service), or make the effort to do something about it.
  2. If there is pain, but no budget allocated or able to be allocated, you can’t help them deal with their pain.
  3. Anyone can find the person who can tell them “no.” A sale only happens when you find the person who can also say “yes.”

For a patient, prospect, potential customer, or user to actually engage with your business, you are simply going to have to have all three elements present. It’s that simple.

Just like you review who, what, when, where, and why/how when producing an announcement or invitation, a smart businessperson will look for these three elements. If you can’t find a pain, the prospective client doesn’t have an ability to buy what they need to fix it, or if you’re unable to connect with the decision maker, you have a flimsy prospect. No matter how good they may appear in one or two of the areas – without all three you (or your people, or your organization) are simply chasing your tail.

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