Good Help Is In The Timing

June 20, 2014

June 2014

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Have you ever tried to help someone who didn't think they needed it? How did that work out for you?

Generally speaking, as we go about our days trying to pay it forward, we are greeted with appreciation and sometimes even acknowledgement. That feels good and it's one of the reasons (if we are honest) many of us help others. Helping others just feels good.

Help4Your Business

So often the principles that guide us through life translate simply into developing a business and establishing a professional reputation or brand. Here's something that has taken me years to learn. It's a lesson I must remind myself on a (more than I'd like to publicly admit) regular basis.

You can only genuinely help organizations that want your help.

No matter how good your recipe is, how skilled you craft that piece of furniture, how clean you make your store, or how much training you've received to practice your medical procedure, if your recipient isn't ready to accept your help or insights, there is no reason to offer it.

June 2014

"I'm the best tooth cleaner this side of the swamp.Is that a... feather?"

Through the years I have made the mistake of putting concepts, creative ideas, best practices and new measures in front of scores of people when they were not ready to hear them. Being early is great when it is a 2pm appointment. Being early with guidance and help is not such a good course of action in business.

It's important to be available and willing to help. It's even more important to know when to offer it. Oh, and try not to take it personally when they decide not to ask - that may be the toughest lesson in this month's issue...

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