KISS Keep It Super Simple

March 20, 2010

March 2010


Sometimes it’s easier to know the right thing to do than to actually do it.

For years I have explained to clients that it isn’t necessary to put all their information and statistics in a commercial or have the staff standing in front of the business waving --- in order to get viewers to notice them. Everyone knows consumers are assaulted by more images than ever before - the true challenge is to find a way to cut through. As a marketer, your competition isn’t the guy down the street so much as it is the commercial message right before and right after you.

One of my newer clients – Robert Kulp of Blue Ridge Residential and Black Dog Salvage – made a break from the normal commercial and focused on communicating his message directly to his audience. Just like you won’t see a location listing at the end of a UPS commercial or after that “Five Dollar Footlong” jingle, you’ll notice the simplicity of this message. Click on this link and see how Robert had the courage to break away from local commercials done the way they typically are:


Here is a gentle reminder – to get a bigger impact you may have to take a new approach. Communicate more with less clutter.

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