Living the Dream

April 20, 2013

April 2013

The Thought Came2Me

Recently I was watching the movie “Inception”. I had seen it before and understood most of the plot, but this time something else caught my attention. “Inception” is a movie about infiltrating one’s dreams to exhume secret information from the subconscious of important business people. It’s a bit of science fiction, but a fun distraction.

In the main part of the story you’re watching a dream, inside a dream, inside a dream, inside yet another dream. Obviously the viewer must pay close attention. As the action moves through all these different layers it can be a little tricky to track. Let me make the simple connection to this monthly e-newsletter.

I write the B2Seed to share information that will be helpful to people in a wide range of businesses and situations. The information is designed to provoke thought and inspire action. It’s an outlet for me, but there is more to it than to simply pass along tips. I wanted you to know why I write this monthly article.

Making It Work4You

As with “Inception”, B2Seed has this surface level of provoking thought and inspiration, but beneath that there is the deeper level. A message inside a message. It is a marketing tool for my company. There, now you’re inside – seeing why I do this each month. If a potential client subscribes I know I can touch them directly – for a few moments – each month. Over time, they’ll get used to hearing from me, hopefully acknowledge the value of what I write and when they need advertising, marketing or business development assistance, they’ll reach out to my company.

Some current clients get the email and take action themselves or pass it along to others who need help with their advertising. Either way, The B2Seed consistently helps me grow my business and connect with other businesses. Sometimes it’s directly; other times it’s indirectly. Either way – it’s purposeful.

Would it make sense for you to take a similar action in your situation? If you want to regularly connect with prospects or clients in a non-threatening way it would. Then you’ll be living the dream…

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