Not-So-Background Music

December 20, 2016


It was probably 2003 and I was working at BusinessVoice in Toledo, Ohio. I had one of those little desk calendars with quotes on it, and while I can't remember who said it, I clearly recall the daily message saying "The problem with life is there's no soundtrack." It's an observation that has stayed with me throughout my days...most things are better with music.

In fact, I'm writing this month's Seed with my own "soundtrack" playing in the background.

Cry Baby Soundtrack

Nothing like a little Johnny Depp Rockabilly to get me in the writing mood.

Music can propel me to write more, help me to feel better, and sometimes cause a flashback to another period of my life. It impacts my life – and probably yours – in a myriad of ways.

An Application4Your Marketing

Whether it's your father's Firestone Christmas record collection, sheet music for a song you played in your high school band, or the newest song on your playlist (Mine is "Remember Home" by Sebastian Kole), music is intertwined with life.

It stands to reason music can impact your marketing too. If you're doing significant outreach advertising, you'd be smart to put a lot of consideration in what music is used to carry your digital, radio, or television commercial. Just as much as a logo, a combination or colors and fonts, or a tag can and should be a part of your brand. Whether it is a catchy tune from an upcoming indie artist or a custom created five second jingle, music has the power to invoke any number of feelings as well as bring immediate recognition of who you are.

It might be called background music, but it can have a great impact on the foreground of how the world sees you.

The successful organizations and businesses have already figured that out. The ones we work with are at least paying attention to that part of their operation. When thinking of your outreach strategy for 2017, consider making music the soundtrack of your business.

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