Pardon Me

June 20, 2013

June 2013

Excuse Me. I Want2Tell You Something…

An interruption.

In normal conversation it’s considered rude. In the middle of our work day it’s a barrier to accomplishment.

In advertising it’s exactly what is needed to get your message across to a busy, distracted audience. Attention is at a premium as our society navigates email, smart phones, texting, television, blue tooth technology and everything that competes for our brain space. If you’re message isn’t causing some sort of pattern break, you’re missing the most important of the process.


You can use music, humor, engaging copy, white space, silence or even kids and animals, but you must use something to catch the eye, ear or imagination of the audience. You must. Otherwise the best media buy or biggest audience is squandered.

Too often business-owners and managers want to use their precious time and space to educate or to promote colloquial phrases that rarely align with the needs of the people hearing, seeing or reading the message. Be strong. Avoid that common pattern and find a way – any legitimate way – to connect personally with your key audience. Once you’ve got their attention and they begin to recognize who you are and what you’re promoting, you’re ready to begin the educating and selling process.

After the interruption (advertising) comes the education (marketing). It’s important to know the difference and not to mix your messaging.

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