Sales vs. Marketing… FIGHT!

July 20, 2015

July 2015

Disney Themes Make4A Fun Attention Getter

The back and forth of converting new business is part "The Circle of Life" and a hint of a "Tale as Old as Time".

The interrupting first line of this month's B2Seed is also a great description of what happens in most companies...

B2Seed Disney Sing

They randomly break into song! Wait... No... that's not right.

Sales blames Marketing and Marketing blames Sales. Either the leads or prospects the sales people are getting from marketing aren't any good, or the leads are great, but those danged sellers can't seem to close any business.

One of my former bosses used to say, "never accept in good times what you wouldn't put up with in bad ones." That means when things are humming along, it's perhaps the best time to evaluate your processes, work flow, leads, and conversions. When times are tough, it's easier to get frustrated or lose your focus due to the pressures of needing to generate sales.


Yes, I just used culture as a verb. It's okay - word creation is allowed in marketing and advertising.

Before you decide where the break down is between sales and marketing - recognize the leader sets the tone and actually determines the way an organization approaches those departments. If you've got departments fighting like that - you should start with a focus there. Fix that. 

Then begin that evaluation process. There are all kinds of modern tools - things like dedicated phone lines, customized URLs for your web traffic, UTM tags to track users and prospects. You can use codes, tracking software, client resource management software, and a bunch of other really cool things to help you find your organization's stress points.

Then you can reduce that stress and sing a new song - like "Hakuna Matata"...

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