Shine the Light, Be More Effective

May 20, 2011

May 2011

Focus2FinishWe would talk about it. 

My managers and I would meet to decide where to shine the flashlight.  Everyone, no matter their performance level, has a limited capacity.  The concept almost always played out as expected – what you as a manager focus on determines where the team will put its attention.  Where you direct your efforts, the team will follow.

It’s why it is so important to regularly decide where your energy should go.

Time4ChangeDecide what needs your focus then use accountability and a sustained gaze to drive the necessary change.  If you are in a sales or fundraising operation --- a good manager needs to know when to push forward, when to praise a high performer, and when to ease up on the team.  If you are in operations or production, it’s important you constantly monitor where the break downs are happening and how your focus can correct the process.

Your people will do what you drive them to accomplish.  Otherwise they aren’t the right people for you.

Too often as leaders we get sidetracked on unimportant or insignificant things – instead practice focusing your efforts and in turn helping your team see where they need to go and on what they need to concentrate. 

True change and definable results will follow.

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