Story Time

December 20, 2013

December 2013

It's Time2Watch Some TV Commercials

In the almost five years that I've been writing these monthly newsletters, I've repeatedly expressed that the most valuable advertisement interrupts the consumer. Successfully designed ads pull attention to your product or service in a creative and memorable way. Once the attention of the viewer is secured, you then have the opportunity to engage, sell and educate.

For those of us in the creative advertising field, it is part of our job and our entertainment to observe messaging others create and determine its effectiveness. This fall I noted two commercials that work at interrupting and I wanted to share them both with you.

#1 - Subaru

This:30 commercial...


...takes you on a drive. Literally. The commercial pulls you into the relationship between two people. Then when you think you know the story the true hook is revealed. It is successful at creating an appealing experience before revealing the product. The viewer wants to watch it again because the characters are likable and the story clever.

#2 - Subway

Like it or not, they had your attention at Five Dollar...


Subway uses music to get you to remember their offer and their campaign. Music is a powerful tool in advertising. It's been used since the earliest of radio days. Like Subaru uses storytelling to capture interest, Subway has a quick musical hook and it works.

What It Can Mean4You

You have a new year and an opportunity for a fresh advertising approach as well as the chance to build, enhance or shift your branding. Always remember to interrupt THEN share the important messaging you want to convey. How you do it depends a lot on your product, service or specific needs.

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