The Power of TV

August 20, 2011

August 2011

Trying2Take Over

Things have been interesting in the Middle East this year. That’s an understatement.

Like many of you, I have been following the activity over there and watching what happens. Back in the spring Facebook was an integral part of the Egyptian revolution as we witnessed a government in place for decades crumble in days.

Just last week rebels in Libya moved into Tripoli.

What was their first move? They marched right in and took over the state run television station. A lot of media can have a big impact, but even in Libya nothing moves public opinion and communicates with the masses quite like television. It’s the reason those rebels went there first.


Most of my clients use a mix of media and communications.

Public relations, direct mail, social media, email blasts, radio, the web, mobile messaging, outdoor, newspaper, SEO, magazines and even telemarketing can all be successful tools and help you move your image and product. When you need to rapidly establish a brand or product or “win the battle of the mind” with current or prospective clients, nothing moves people like television.

Many organizations are intimidated by the language or production process involved with TV. We can help. If you think you’d like to review your overall marketing plan or want to consider including TV in 2012, let’s start the conversation.

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