Who's Representing You? And How's It Going?

June 20, 2012

June 2012

Need4A Plan

It’s usually pretty easy to come up with a mission statement, a distinguishing characteristic of your organization, or even a unique selling proposition for your company. Leaders frequently focus on these concepts. Hours and hours will be spent figuring out what is most important to the company or the organization. Then you’ll typically decide how what you represent is communicated. It starts with the drive is to determine what you and your organization are all about.

Knowing what you represent is clearly important, but so is who represents you.


The other day I took my son for ice cream at a local parlor and we were greeted passive indifference. The clerks had planted themselves at a table – were listening to hard rock music and we seemed to be interrupting their afternoon. We asked for a flavor they had listed, but it was too much trouble to go to the back and bring it out so we just didn’t get it. It wasn’t a big deal for me, but it was a lost sale for them.

Earlier in the day another clerk at a different place was so busy interacting with her manager and fellow employees she totally messed up my order and that was after she had asked me to repeat it - twice.

It’s wise to be sure of what your company represents – at the same time you have to pay close attention to who represents your organization. Are they polite? Are they aware? Are they engaging your customers or patients? How would you even know??? Strategic partners of B2C Enterprises can help you uncover your potential and current client service issues. If there is one thing worse than bad service, it’s not being aware of just how bad it is.

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