Targeted digital video and display advertising increases brand awareness, drivesengagement, and helps grow your business. At B2C Digital, we’ll craft and implementthe best customized digital plan for your products and services. Here are some of thetactics we marshal for you:

Demographic Targeting:

Select from customdata segments and layer demographic informationsuch as age, gender, geography, and householdincome, to precisely reach your exact audience.

Categorical Targeting:

Target users who are perusing certaincategories of websites or mobile apps that align with your business.

Advanced Targeting:

Special use domain-specic targeting,site-specic targeting, app-specic targeting, Connected-TV targeting,in-location conversion tracking, and cross-device ad targeting allowsyou to reach the precise people you want, where you want them.

Contextual/Search Targeting:

Follow users around the web afterthey’ve searched for terms related to your products and services. We worktogether to pick just the right words.

Website Retargeting:

Stay visible and engaged withanyone who visits your website. Remind them whatthey are missing or why they came!

Dynamic Retargeting:

It’s Retargeting with a very special twist. The secondlevel is an optimization of your site’s visitors with a focus on the customersmost likely to take the action we collectively decide is most important.

Native Advertising:

Match the editorial style of thepages where your ad appears. Perfect for blogs and theother original content you want to distribute.


This allows you to digitally “fence” physical locations inthe real world and serve ads to people who are visiting those locations.

Advanced Geofencing/Retargeting:

Pinpoint and deliver yourmessage to mobile device users based on where they’ve been or whatthey’ve shopped for. Now you can go back and put your message in frontof people who have visited specic places after the fact.

Email Marketing:

Tap into a huge database of email users who have providedtheir address for marketing purposes. Picture being able to group that list toreach your exact audience, then deliver your message for branding, sales, oranother call to action. It’s powerful stu and we’ll work with you to harness it.


Ad Monitoring: Once your target ads are running, we provide daily monitoring andregular optimization to ensure you’re getting the best results throughout your campaign.

Reporting: Unlike traditional advertising, digital allows you to understand who isengaging with your company and brand. Our detailed monthly reports provide ClickThrough and View Through Rates (when applicable) for all of your campaigns.

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