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Corvesta is the parent holding company for a family of businesses dedicated to advancing oral health through scientific research, technology, and benefits and practice management. OneMind Health, Revolv, and Corvesta Life Insurance Company are among the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Corvesta, Inc. The Corvesta vision is to be a dominant player in strategic national health related markets through the use of disruptive processes, innovative technology, passionate people, and commitment to excellence.


B2C Enterprises created a completely new brand to be used in an outreach campaign designed to attract IT applicants for employment. In January 2014, Corvesta teamed with B2C Enterprises to hire 26 IT professionals by the end of March of that same year.

The campaign, titled “Hire 26,” included the following elements: an internal referral recruitment program, a microsite to coincide with the current careers section of the Corvesta website, web ads (design, placement and tracking), engaging local media, reaching out to key regional colleges and universities and their alumni departments, and creating collateral to promote the campaign.

The logo was built from scratch and the campaign came together in a few short weeks. Using current employees and interested parties, an easy-to-remember web site and branding made everyone’s job so much easier.


The cast of the open positions was filled by March 21, 2014 – ten days before their deadline. Over 96% of those Hire 26 new employees remain with the company almost a year later.

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