A “Strategy for Survival”
During Confusing Times



Muneris Benefits has been providing quality insurance protection (Dental, Disability Income, Retirement Plans, Healthcare, and Life Insurance) to employers, employees, and their families since 1990.Burman Clark, President summarizes the philosophy of Muneris Benefits when he states: “Our commitment to our clients is to understand their needs and create plans and products to respond to those needs. However, beyond that, it’s the way in which we build long-term relationships with our clients that provides the confidence and trust that’s so vital.”

So it was in 2013, when new health insurance reforms and new health coverage options appeared on the Virginia landscape. Certainly it wasn’t news that change rather than stability was taking place. Muneris Benefits needed to tell the marketplace they were positioned to play a critical role in identifying and implementing a new “strategy for survival” during these confusing time.Their plan was to reach out to a group of 50 prospective clients with a message that focused on the current confusion in the healthcare market. A message that also positioned Muneris as providing leadership and survival tactics in a changing health care environment.The next step was to talk to their marketing partner, B2C Enterprises, to enlist their help in creating a unique marketing communications strategy for reaching this target audience.


Our team knew that if success was going to be achieved in reaching these busy decision makers, we had to get the Muneris message across quickly, concisely, and in a creative manner.

The creative focus was on: “surviving the confusion” due to all the healthcare reform. Our challenge was how best to communicate the message that states: “the key to survival is by having a strong partner and leadership provided by Muneris Benefits.”

The solution: an appropriate selection of specialty items individually bundled into a hard-hitting direct mail package sent to each of the top 50 Muneris prospects.


The campaign goal was to “open new doors” within the tightly defined group of 50 prospective clients.Following the campaign, Burman Clark stated: “The campaign was a tremendous success. It delivered two brand new clients. Additionally, the campaign provided an opportunity to schedule appointments with twenty-one other prospects."

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