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B2C Enterprises Launches New Interactive Web Sites for Three Clients

Roanoke, VA - November 2013. B2C Enterprises recently launched several new web sites bringing clients to the forefront of online communication technology. The new sites for www.collectivelabor.com, www.corvesta.com, and www.boxleyhardscapes.com deliver an informative, interactive, and creative online experience for visitors.

"Web site solutions are one of the fastest growing sectors of our business," said Bruce C. Bryan, President of B2C Enterprises. "As companies realize their web sites are an important entry point, we are seeing an increased number of clients ready to take their interactive presence to the next level."

The three newest web sites designed by B2C Enterprises show the range of work they offer. Working with a startup technology company based in Des Moines, Iowa, the www.collectivelabor.com project demonstrates how an effective web site can capture a company's brand to help them reach specified goals. All of the branding and design work was done in collaboration through the internet. During the www.corvesta.com project, B2C Enterprises worked with one of the largest companies in Southwest Virginia - incorporating the multi-level intricacies that come from working with several subsidiaries on one branded web site. The www.boxleyhardscapes.com project is an example of a consumer driven site. The engaging work uses social media, design tips and compelling photography to help customers learn about products and services available and motivate them to engage the client.

"To successfully work with a diverse range of clients, we had to take time to understand their individual company goals and design a customized web site to meet their distinct needs," said Bryan.

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