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B2C Enterprises Launches Two Client Web Sites - PillarENS.com and Hire26.com

Roanoke, VA - February 2014. B2C Enterprises recently launched web sites for two clients striving to enhance online communication with targeted audiences.  PillarENS.com (PILLAR, Inc.) and Hire26.com (Corvesta, Inc.) deliver an informative, interactive, and creative online experience for visitors searching for desired services or opportunities.

"Defining the specific goal of our clients' online needs is critical in designing a dynamic and successful web site," said Bruce C. Bryan, President of B2C Enterprises. "Both PILLAR and Corvesta have realized the importance of using their web site as an entry point for reaching their targeted audiences."

Each web site has a very specific purpose to reach the goal of the client.

PillarENS.com was designed to incorporate PILLAR, Inc.'s new brand while maintaining their fundamental values and personality. The design was created to offer a clean and easily navigable interface that showcases PILLAR's strongest assets.  Pairing these elements with a visually engaging layout and the use of strong photography helps enforce the image they want associated within their industry.

Hire26.com was developed as an online recruiting tool for Corvesta, Inc.'s initiative to attract IT professionals to meet their significant growth demands.  Recruiting an additional 26 IT professionals is absolutely crucial to the ongoing growth of the company.  This initiative and web site has also caught the attention of several regional media outlets.

"We are excited to see how effective both of these sites have been for our clients," said Bryan.

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