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B2C Enterprises Supports The Spot on Kirk

Roanoke, VA - January 2016

B2C Enterprises is helping to launch a new music venue near their office on Kirk Avenue. The Spot on Kirk is opening its doors this spring. Greater Roanoke music fans are familiar with the site, as it was formerly home to Kirk Avenue Music Hall.

While B2C Enterprises functions as a marketing and advertising agency, many of their ventures have been geared toward enriching the City of Roanoke. B2C has done work for non-profits like Help Save The Next Girl, Habitat for Humanity, and Down by Downtown.

B2C’s owner and the president of Down by Downtown, Bruce C. Bryan, saw the empty space at 22 Kirk Avenue as an opportunity to bring a liveliness back to the area.

“There’s been a gap in our city,” said Bryan. “The old music hall was a magical place and, after it closed, I frequently heard how much people missed it.”

In addition to running the communications aspects of the venue, B2C Enterprises will help with the marketing and promotion of events booked at The Spot on Kirk. Live music won’t be the only headliner. Organizers hope to see everything from poetry readings to lectures and documentary showings to receptions booked at The Spot on Kirk.

“We want to recreate the best of what once existed in that space,” said Bryan. “We believe the venue will be sustainable and the impact on the surrounding area will be positive.”

The Spot on Kirk is now booking live musical acts for the spring. For more information about the venue, visit www.theSpotonKirk.org or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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