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Full-Service Marketing and Advertising Agency Chosen by Commercial Real Estate Management Firm

Roanoke, VA - February 2017

Commercial real estate sales and management firm Hall Associates, Inc. selected B2C Enterprises to provide marketing support and build awareness of their company in the greater Roanoke market. B2C Enterprises helped update the sales collateral materials Hall Associates had been using and has worked to create an ongoing communications plan for the firm. Hall Associates was formed in 1975 and has driven commercial real estate leasing and sales for over four decades now.

“With the depth of experience and their exceptional client service, Hall Associates is a great addition to our base of clients,” said Bruce C. Bryan, President of B2C Enterprises. “Our team has been really excited to work through this process with them and we’ve enjoyed helping them tell their story to the regional business community.”

B2C Enterprises was formed in 2009 to work with clients on their advertising outreach efforts. Over the years, the agency has expanded significantly to provide consulting and buying services to clients who need not only advertising counsel, but help with marketing, branding, public relations, communications, and special events.

“We’ve grown with our clients and with our base of business,” said Bryan. “It’s important to continue developing and we’ve learned that’s the only real way to provide the depth of service our clients need to compete in today’s marketplace.”

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