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Help Save the Next Girl Leadership Addresses Virginia Association of Broadcasters Board of Directors

George Kayes, VAB President (left), Bruce C. Bryan and Gil Harrington, Help Save The Next Girl Founding Board Members (middle), Christina Sandridge, VAB (right)

Roanoke, VA - October 2017

The Virginia Association of Broadcasters (VAB) has again chosen Help Save the Next Girl (HSTNG) as their year-long non-profit advertising partner for 2018. The partnership means news and radio stations in the Commonwealth will continue to heavily rotate HSTNG’s messaging over the next year. HSTNG Board Members recently met with the VAB to thank them for their ongoing support of the “Buddy-Up” marketing campaign.

“They have taken the message to the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia,” said Gil Harrington the President of the Board of Directors and Founder of The Help Save The Next Girl Foundation. “We are grateful for the radio and television stations around Virginia and their support of our organization. Individually we can tell young people to look out for each other and be safe and with social media we can share the same message with thousands. But with the large megaphone these major media outlets hold, we can literally communicate with hundreds of thousands of people all across the state. It’s incredible.”

In addition to thanking the VAB Board, Harrington was able to introduce them to her new book, Morgan Harrington: Murdered and Dead for Good. The book shares a captivating journey and is a memoir of her daughter who was murdered after leaving a concert in Charlottesville in 2009. The book, along with the “Buddy-Up” ad campaign, communicates a life-saving message to teenaged girls and young women: look out for each other. With the help of the VAB, this message will be supported by more than 150 local radio and television stations throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

“The media outlets we’ve approached have never told Gil ‘no’,” said Bruce C. Bryan, President of B2C Enterprises and a HSTNG founding board member. “Part of the reason is because she and her husband Dan are simply doing good work, but it goes beyond that. Gil is determined in her quest to protect young women from violence, and her message resonates strongly with the VAB Board of Directors. The Virginia Association of Broadcasters has been incredibly generous in their support of the Help Save The Next Girl Foundation. This opportunity to express our appreciation in person to the leadership made for a really gratifying and special day."

The Help Save the Next Girl Foundation is national non-profit organization formed in honor of Morgan Harrington and strives to sensitize young women and girls to predatory danger. To learn more about Morgan’s story, Gil Harrington’s new book, and the HSTNG organization, visit www.HelpSaveTheNextGirl.com.

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