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Marketing and Advertising Agency Creates Third Documentary

Roanoke, VA - September 2018.

At the annual Mill Mountain Theatre season announcement event on Thursday, September 20th, the iconic cultural institution showed a documentary created to tell the story of the organization’s strong recovery. Mill Mountain Theatre’s Magnificent Seven was also telecast on the local NBC affiliate as a part of the day of celebration for the theatre.

“It was an extremely fulfilling project for all of us,” said Bruce C. Bryan, President of B2C Enterprises. “Ginger Poole saw the first documentaries we had made last year for the Grandin Theater and thought there could be a great application for Mill Mountain.”

B2C Enterprises had made two documentaries for The Grandin Theater – The Year of Remarkable Music and The Playhouse Years, which focused on some eras in the local movie theater’s past. The films were shown as a part of the Grandin’s 85th anniversary last November.

“Molly Doyle proved again that she is an exceptional director,” said Aaron Kelderhouse, B2C Enterprises Creative Director.  “We thoroughly enjoyed the process. The access to the people involved with the rebirth of the Mill Mountain Theatre, the heart of leaders there, and the story of overcoming incredible odds all made this such a great project for us.”

“I’m here to tell stories,” said Doyle. “That’s the beginning and end of it. Thanks to an amazing crew and a killer set of interviews, and to those who know that art, in all its forms, is important to individuals and the community.”

The Mill Mountain Theatre’s Magnificent Seven is available to for viewing here.  It’s approximately 25 minutes long.

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