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Marketing and Advertising Agency Launches Unconventional Television Ad Campaign

Roanoke, VA - July 2016

B2C Enterprises is taking their own strategic business advice by launching a new television ad campaign promoting their marketing and advertising services. The campaign is a series of four 15-second commercials highlighting B2C's abilities in advertising, media buying, and public relations.

It's a rare move. Most agencies don't market their own services because of time, money, or a fear of being judged by their peers. B2C's founder and president decided it was an important step forward for the firm.

"We're fully aware of how ironic it is for us to write, produce, and buy commercials for ourselves," said Bruce C. Bryan, "but it actually makes a lot of sense. The campaign has our stamp on it and it's proof we enjoy thinking and working in an unconventional way. That's what gives our clients an advantage."

B2C treated the campaign as they would any other client project keeping both branding and business development in mind. In the end, the traditional roles of the client and advertising agency are reversed. Instead of B2C reaching out for client leads, the commercials put the agency in front of potential clients first. From graphic design to film-making, the commercials incorporate all of the agency's talents.

"This was a great opportunity to stretch ourselves creatively and be able to show off some of B2C's personality - quite literally since the staff play themselves in the videos," said Aaron Kelderhouse, Creative Director at B2C Enterprises. "It's something we do for all of our clients and it was fun to have the chance to do it for ourselves."

The commercials are running on local television in the greater Roanoke area. You can also view them online by visiting vimeo.com/b2centerprises.

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