As a result of a history of “hap-hazard” television buying on the part of an earlier advertising agency media consultant, Re-Bath was lacking consistency and product awareness with TV viewers in the marketplace. Their commercials were too spread out providing little impact. Viewers didn’t remember their commercials. There was no positive outcome. As a result, their advertising budget (and confidence) was shrinking.

They also faced a “creative challenge” – how to incorporate the new 5-Day Kitchens side of the business without sacrificing the Re-Bath side. Clearly, their agency wasn’t helping Re-Bath solve its marketing problems.

They turned to B2C Enterprises to plan and execute a far more efficient and effective media campaign. A media campaign that would increase impact and buying efficiencies throughout the market . . . plus a creative strategy that would focus on both brands; bathroom remodeling (Re-Bath) and kitchen remodeling (5-Day Kitchens).


Our media strategy focused on reaching the largest group of potential Re-Bath and 5-Day Kitchens customers.

The plan works like this:  Rather than attempting to be “on-the-air” every day, we focused on flighting our client’s commercials within three-day groupings. Rather than, for example, airing 30 announcements over seven days on one station, we clustered our commercials in key programs on top area stations within three days. The result: greater impact and greater exposure for our client. All in all, this resulted in maximizing the reach of every commercial message.

Our creative strategy focused on additional impact and enhanced results with the use of :20/:10 “bookend” messages. This concept allowed us to use a :20 commercial featuring our Re-Bath message in the first spot of a commercial break and a :10 placement featuring our 5-Day Kitchens message in the last spot in the same commercial pod. This “bookending” provided our client with perceived importance, brand impact, and frequency.


  • Consistent media weights in the marketplace.
  • Significant cost efficiencies.
  • Increased reach and frequency within our target audiences.
  • Additional impact for both Re-Bath and 5-Day Kitchens brands.

B2C’s media planning and buying skills, coupled with a very unique creative treatment, gave Re-Bath and 5-Day Kitchens of Chattanooga substantially more delivery and visibility for their media investment.

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