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We use a mix of the following skills to meet our client’s needs.

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Your product or service may be the best in the world, but you have to work at getting people to understand its value. You need marketing to impact your bottom line, and you need engaging messaging with a look and feel that evokes who you are and what you stand for.

For many small and medium sized businesses, it can be challenging to find the right team of in-house marketers for your company. As good as your marketing director or designer might be, having a limited number of marketing skills on staff will keep you from getting the marketing results you want. Plus, it’s often difficult for a business to be able to afford a full-time graphic designer, website and social media specialist, plus a big picture marketing executive to oversee strategy and campaign implementation.

This is where an effective marketing firm truly shines. When you work with B2C, you get access to a group of talented marketers who understand different businesses and industries. We can identify the right strategies and then create and execute campaigns that get results. That’s what we do. We market. You could even say we market marketing.

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You have an idea of who you want to reach, but do you know what to say to them? Or how to say it? B2C Enterprises offers a full range of public relations services to help you gain publicity while supporting your communications efforts and maintaining your company’s positive perception.

Media Interactions

We know dealing with the media can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. B2C Enterprises has experience communicating with the media on behalf of our clients. In addition to having dozens of contacts, we create effective press releases, articles, and commercials that garner the attention of wide audiences.

Press Conferences

Don’t let your big announcements go unnoticed! Some achievements deserve a full-blown press conference. From setting up your microphone to your closing sentence, we can guide you through the planning and execution of your event – or handle it all completely for you.

Message Shaping

Do you ever feel like you have something to say, but you just can’t put the words together? Not us! Your message has everything to do with how the public perceives your business. Let us help you craft your message – and communicate it.

Communications Plans

Whatever changes your company is experiencing, we’ll make sure you’re not forgotten. Whether you’re in the process of rebranding or branching into a new business venture, we’ll get your point across to your audience. Our team develops customized short term and long term plans to make sure your clientele stays informed and, most importantly, remains loyal.

Crisis Management

Nothing is scarier than having a crisis unfold in the public eye. Not only do you have the pressure of answering to your employees, you’ll have to find explanations for the public. At B2C, we’ll work with you to create and execute a strategy that will help your company bounce back. Better yet, we can prepare you and your team ahead of the problem.

Let us help you build a respectable relationship with the public. Click here to contact us today.

Like sports have their own language and the same way your IT people sometimes seem to be “interfacing” in a whole different way than the rest of us, there is a unique communication that happens when you effectively and efficiently buy advertising. Do you need an orbit or a rotator? Should you pick a section or ROP? Do you have enough GRP’s or impressions? Is a TAP plan the right thing for you this time? Whether you are looking for a horizontal or vertical impact or if you want help because none of these terms make any sense at all, B2C Enterprises can step in to help improve your advertising’s effectiveness and make sense of all the crazy lingo. Let us work with you to build a plan that creates, evaluates, negotiates, places, tracks and simplifies your media strategy.
See some of the videos we’ve produced for video pre-roll.
With the internet and mobile device usage skyrocketing, digital advertising is a critical component of a comprehensive marketing plan. The Millennial generation is the most digitally connected population in the world, and according to the Press Institute, Millennials get 74% of their news from online sources. Additionally, Nielson estimates that the ROI (return on investment) of advertising dollars spent on digital advertising is 300%.
At B2C Digital, we offer full-service management of location-based, behaviorally targeted digital video and display advertising to increase brand awareness, drive engagement and grow your business. Based on your marketing goals and budget, we work with you to put together a customized plan that targets the best audience for your products and services.


GEOGRAPHIC AND DEMOGRAPHIC TARGETING: We use zip codes and traditional DMAs, even down to exact coordinates to determine a geographic target area, then we layer demographic information such as age, gender, household composition, and income to more precisely target your products and services to the users with whom you most want to connect.


We identify the latitude / longitude coordinates of a user’s mobile device to deliver your ads around a targeted specific location.

SITE RETARGETING: Retargeting is performed when a user has already visited your website. It allows you to stay visible and engaged.

AD MONITORING: Once we have your targeted campaign up and running, we provide daily monitoring, evaluation, and ad optimization to get industry-leading results.

REPORTING: Digital marketing is measurable in a unique way that allows you to understand who is engaging with your ad and brand. We provide detailed monthly reports that reflect View Through Rates and/or Click Through Rates (as applicable) for all campaigns.

AD CREATION: We will work with you to create advertisements and messages that will get you noticed and build response and traffic. Our award-winning team will put our heads together to build digital display ads and / or video pre-roll that is just right for what your organization needs.

It’s your identity. It’s your way of sharing yourself with the world - who you are, what you do, why you do it. It sets you apart from everyone else and brings you to the forefront of their mind every time they come across it. Through our Brand2Capture process, B2C will hear who you are, where you’ve been and where you are going.  After discovery and research, we’ll incorporate what we learn with sound communications principles to select a name if needed, craft a logo, and create a positioning statement that will align with your firm and target your prospective clients
You have the product and no doubt you have a great reputation. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if customers and clients simply appeared on your doorstep or web site? Well, B2C can help with that. Whether you need a complete blueprint for building business . . . or . . . sales training . . . or . . . management consulting, Bruce Bryan and the B2C staff can step in and partner with you to help you grow sales or strengthen development. We’re only a click away. Tell us a little about you and we’ll be in touch.
In the old days – the first impression a client had of your business was the shingle that hung outside your door. Now, a current and relevant website acts in the same way. Are you putting your best foot forward? Is your “sign” truly representative of what you do? B2C Enterprises can build a site from scratch for your business, or update your current site to make it more visible and easier for consumers to use. Here are some of the sites we’ve recently built and marketed:
No matter where your company or organization is in the development process, B2C Enterprises can be a resource for you. Fill out this simple form and we’ll be back in touch with you to begin the conversation about how we can help you.
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