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JSC Symphony

How do you advertise for ENT doctors in a way that interrupts the audience?  Well, in the early years of B2C we did it with this video. A clever, fun, and engaging way to get people to think about their ENT needs and remind them of Jefferson Surgical Clinic.

There was also the added joy of Bruce getting to have one of his children in the production.  It's been several years since we shot this commercial. The video quality, and Bruce's son, may both show their age now, but we are no less proud of what a creative campaign it was.

A special shout out to Chris Henson for his help on this project way back when, and to the late Grant Plaskon who helped us a lot in the early days of our agency.


Reaver Beach Brewing Company Bottle Labels

We work with a very wide variety of clients and, needless to say, this Virginia Beach brewing company is one of the hippest. Over the last five years, we've worked with Reaver Beach on everything from branding to t-shirts. The longest ongoing project, however, has been designing labels for their award-winning craft beers, including those packaged in cans and, most frequently, bottles.

It’s always a treat to work on these products. These labels are one of the few chances we get to flex those good ole drawing muscles on a blank canvas. Not to mention we get to see our work in retail stores across the region! With more than 40 bottle illustrations under our belt, we’re happy to keep creating these labels for as long as Reaver Beach continues coming up with their delicious beers.

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