We are a team with a robust skillset we use to help businesses grow.
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Public Relations




"You make my life so much easier."
Shay Stevens, Vice President of Marketing, Bank of Botetourt
"Excellent work... kudos to all! I really appreciate the passion you bring to the craft."
-Karen Tuttle, Jefferson Surgical Clinic
"After many years of trying to have an effective advertising plan with little success we turned to B2C Enterprises. They have done a phenomenal job capturing our market, getting the customers in the door and boosting sales."
Sally Woodson Spigle, CEO/ Dealer Principal ~ Woodson Honda
"The B2C Enterprises team produces top quality work. They understand what I need to grow my business and have been an important part of our company’s growth and success."
D.J. Ostrom, Jr., Owner ~ Ostrom Electrical & Plumbing
"We value B2C’s collaborative approach to client relationships and the response to our marketing campaign is outstanding. We could not be more pleased with their expertise in design and results."
Jennifer Mravich, VP of Marketing ~ Power Credit Union
"I can tell your team really cares about the quality of the finished product, it’s really great to see their passion shine through. This is what makes working so hard for something worthwhile."
D.J. Ostrom, Jr., CEO ~ Ostrom Services
"The B2C team has been instrumental in getting our leads to the next level."
Saul Grimsley, General Manager Re-Bath Northwest Florida

“What Are You 
Doing Tonight?”

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Improving on Improving

People want to improve.  Well, most people do anyway.

They’ll talk the improvement game.  They’ll go to conferences.  They’ll read those books.  Most will target a...

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Marketing and Advertising Agency Creates Third Documentary

At the annual Mill Mountain Theatre season announcement event on Thursday, September 20th, the iconic cultural institution showed a documentary created to tell the story of...

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2016 Gold Communicator
Award of Excellence

Annual Report - Corporation
Boxley Sustainability Report 2014

2016 Silver Communicator
Award of Distinction

Marketing/Promotional Book
Reid's Fine Furnishings
The Art of Fine Furnishing

2017 Silver
Telly Award

B2C Services Video Campaign

2017 Gold
Communicator Award

Cave Spring Volunteer Firefighters Recruitment Campaign

2016 Silver
Addy Award

Jefferson Surgical Clinic
Neopulse Tattoo Removal
Radio Commercial

2016 Gold
Addy Award

Star City Roller Girls
Poster Campaign

B2C Enterprises originated in 2009 to assist companies and organizations in business development and positioning their brands in the marketplace. As the company has grown, this remains our primary focus. Through our own expertise and relationships with multiple creative and technical companies, we offer our wide variety of clients a full service advertising and marketing agency at approachable price levels.

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