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What Makes B2C Enterprises Different?
Written by Bruce Bryan   

Our experience and background allows us to quickly understand your situation, make appropriate recommendations, and communicate your needs and goals to others. B2C Enterprises can help you leverage your advertising budget to build impressions and value for you and your organization.

The B2C process is collaborative and open. While most advertising agencies are supremely protective of their client relationships and keep them from the media, we prefer to help our clients stay open to good ideas – whatever the source.

You'll appreciate the difference.

We specialize in ...

Advertising, Business Development and Media Negotiation. We also take care of Web Site Design and Build Projects, Search Engine Optimization, Creative and other consulting work as requested.

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B2C Enterprises Launches Five Video Campaigns in Four States in Just Over a Month
Written by Bruce Bryan   

Roanoke, VA - August 2014.

B2C Enterprises recently completed commercial production for five clients striving to enhance specific messages, drive sales, and create emotional reactions. Tanglewood Mall, Power Credit Union, Woodson Honda, Black Dog Salvage, and Delta Dental of Virginia deliver informative, interactive, and creative experiences through storytelling. Crafting commercials for five unique clients simultaneously offered a challenging but rewarding opportunity.

"Creating a story that not only grabs the attention of the audience but also evokes an emotional response is critical in designing a successful commercial," said Bruce C. Bryan, President of B2C Enterprises. "Doing five such campaigns really pushed our creative teams. That's for sure."

Tanglewood Mall and Power Credit Union's campaigns were produced in conjunction with Motion Adrenaline. VPS worked with B2C on the Delta Dental of Virginia video production. B2C teamed with Virginia Video Production on the updated Black Dog Salvage and Woodson Honda commercial packages.

"We are excited to see how effective these commercials are for our clients," said Bryan.

The campaigns all launch within the month - Woodson Honda and Tanglewood Mall will run in the Roanoke television market. Delta Dental of Virginia is running in Roanoke, Richmond, Charlottesville, and Northern Virginia. Black Dog Salvage is featuring their campaign in video pre-roll advertising on the web in targeted markets in Virginia, North Carolina, and Ohio. Power Credit Union is based in Pueblo, Colorado and will be airing their commercials in Pueblo and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

A gallery of the commercials may be seen on https://vimeo.com/groups/265617.

The Ad Game
Written by Bruce Bryan   


When did advertising become a naughty word?

Most of us skip ads on TV, complain about them in the newspaper, fuss about them on billboards while driving down the highway, change channels when they come on the radio, and get irritated when they pop up on a favorite web site. That isn't even to mention the ones that are displayed in magazines, pulled behind airplanes at football games (starting this weekend), shown on the stalls at the neighborhood restaurant bathrooms, and we're just getting started.

People hate ads.

That's why it's so fun to be in advertising. It's a competition. A game.

Ben Stiller as White Goodman in Dodgeball A True Underdog Story
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