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What Makes B2C Enterprises Different?
Written by Steve Timofeev   

Our experience and background allows us to quickly understand your situation, make appropriate recommendations, and communicate your needs and goals to others. B2C Enterprises can help you leverage your advertising budget to build impressions and value for you and your organization.

The B2C process is collaborative and open. While most advertising agencies are supremely protective of their client relationships and keep them from the media, we prefer to help our clients stay open to good ideas – whatever the source.

You'll appreciate the difference.

We specialize in ...

Advertising, Business Development and Media Negotiation. We also take care of Web Site Design and Build Projects, Search Engine Optimization, Creative and other consulting work as requested.

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Tell Them, Remind Them, Tell Them Again.
Written by Bruce Bryan   

Um, You May Want2Tell Someone

Recently a friend invited me to a very interesting wine dinner. I'd never been to one before and didn't really know what to expect until I got there. Basically, the winemaker explains the process of how they create the different flavors in each wine. During the meal, he and chef at the restaurant pair a specific wine designed to bring out the best flavors with each course.

Five amazing food courses.
Five delicious wines to taste.

The group was seated at a long table and I happened to be seated near the winemaker. Being naturally curious, I asked him where most of his wine could be purchased. He told me the breakdown of sales - a percentage is sold at restaurants, another through grocery stores around the country, and obviously a large amount is purchased at the winery itself. The owner of the restaurant then chimed in --- "We sell it here." She then pointed to the shelves in the back of the restaurant which were full of bottles of wine.

One of the guests perked up and said, "I didn't know you sold wine here." I thought it was a decoration myself.

Man ordering at fine dining restaurant

"I'll have the special and the potted Ficus I saw by the door to the kitchen."

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B2C Enterprises Named Agency of Record for Delta Dental of Virginia
Written by Bruce Bryan   

Roanoke, VA - March 2014.

Advertising and marketing agency B2C Enterprises has expanded its healthcare client portfolio with the addition of Delta Dental of Virginia.

"I have appreciated the fresh, creative and strategic perspective that B2C has brought to our advertising projects," said Chris Pyle, Vice President, Marketing and Government Relations for Delta Dental of Virginia. "We have fun working together, which is important to me. And we also get results."

B2C Enterprises is Delta Dental of Virginia's strategic partner for brand management, marketing of key services, media planning and online strategy development including web site design.

"The great thing about a client like Delta Dental is the pure collaboration of working with such creative people," said Bruce C. Bryan, President of B2C Enterprises. "I find sometimes we stretch them and I love that they drive us in the process as well."


Delta Dental of Virginia is passionate about good oral health. In fact, dental benefits coverage is their specialty. For 50 years, they have been working to improve the oral health of Virginians by providing flexible, affordable dental benefit plans and building the largest network of participating oral health providers in the state. More than 1.8 million Virginians now use Delta Dental of Virginia for their dental health benefits.