More Than Graphics

B2C Enterprises originated in 2009 to assist companies and organizations in business development and positioning their brands in the marketplace.

As the company has grown, this remains our primary focus. Through our own expertise and relationships with multiple creative and technical companies, we offer our wide variety of clients a full service advertising and marketing agency at approachable price levels.

Many of these services align with the traditional idea of an advertising and marketing agency. What sets us apart is the way we provide these services and our ability to look beyond the traditional approaches.

We don’t pretend to do anything magical. We don’t try and hide our work behind a curtain. We collaborate with our clients in both the strategic and creative processes. We are always ready to explain why we make the decisions we do and we are happy to have clients to weigh in and make the final call.

Our clients often lean on B2C to conceptualize, craft, place, and track their media, marketing and advertising plans. Sometimes a client’s needs go beyond the traditional. That type of creative problem solving is where we go beyond most people’s ideas of an advertising and marketing agency.


B2C News Graphic

Regional Foster Care Placement Agency Hires Roanoke Firm to Close Critical Gap

B2Seed DePaul HP

Roanoke, VA - November 2017
DePaul Community Resources has partnered with B2C Enterprises to assist with its need to identify 60 new foster families in the Western, Central, and Southwestern regions of Virginia. The full-service agency has been hired to create ...

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Bench Strength

B2Seed Wonderboy HP

November 2017
Your World Series2Win
On the first night of November (which did seem weird), the Houston Astros captured their first-ever baseball World Series Championship. Just four years ago they were the laughingstock of the baseball world and had lost over 100 games – a near record for futility.
How did this magical turnaround happen? ...

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